May 10, 2011

Quality time.

My mom, trying to be photogenic.
Candid shot of her. I have no idea what is she looking at.

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

Quality time? Yes indeed. I spent my whole weekend hanging out with my mum. Of course, it was the Mother's day after all. We( my sis and mom) went to the beach and basically just hung out, cam-whoring and eat, unfortunately that was all we can do there cus someone forgot the fucking sunblock. The sensitivity of my skin can only stand for less than 10 minutes under the sun. Sun bathing is totally not my forte. We had fun, by fun I mean non-stop ordering food and jars of avocado milkshake. Yes, I said jars because the size of the drinks for every person are as big as my head. No photos were taken during the fun moments. Can't blame me for having too much fun right?
May 6, 2011


May 2, 2011

Lost somewhere in the woods.

Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages

All these were shot yesterday at my grandparent's hometown village. I got bored and went for a walk around the woods along with my sister. Thank god I brought the digital camera along and managed to take some pictures of her. We were indeed a bit lost and saw a fucking KOMODO lizard running around like shit it freaked the hell out of me. Yes, my sis peed a little. I didn't managed to take a photo of that fucking thing cuz it was too fast. Fuck that. So yeah, that's about it.
April 23, 2011

Ear Infection! Fuckery.

The Naked And Famous - Punching In A Dream

I'm currently living in a miserable life right now. I'm having a fucking ear infection and DAMN! I fucking hate it. Sorry for the all the cursing and swearing stuff. As I said before, I don't give a shit about it cuz' I'm fucking mad. I don't think I can deal this all by myself . When it comes to sickness or some fucking illness happen to me I'll turn myself into spoiled kid mode. I am not even kidding. I had this ear infection before I was a little fucked up kid. And yeah it hurts like hell. My left ear is completely blocked. My brain is hurting my fucking head (Migraine). Pareidolia alert! A lump appears to be on the back of my head and it's freaking me out. It hurts as it gets pressed. Yeah. Freaky shit. Nepenthe, I need you now.
April 18, 2011

Ponytail "Honey Touches".

At first I thought they were going to make an Angry bird or Plants Vs. Zombies video. Guess I was wrong. Ponytail just made a real life Fruit Ninja video. Yeah. This is just great.
April 15, 2011
April 11, 2011


Muther Of All Things from Joe Morris on Vimeo.

Sylph bitches. I know it's everyday-summer here in Malaysia. I don't see why there's anything wrong with posting them.

It's a new start.

I'm sick of being so embarrass almost about everything. It's such a waste of me, having a big personalities but very bad at meeting new people, especially when it comes to creating a conversation. Pick-up lines? Don't ever think about it. My best-friend came last 2 days ago and brought along some of his new friends over. Of course I'm excited but after meeting his new friends, I turned into a whole new person. Yeah specifically, I was silent and yet a dumb ass lacuna motherfucker the whole of my time with them. I was not soigné enough, well not exactly but you get the point. Maybe it's time. I need to fucking improve my communication skills and start a new life. The fact that I'm 18 -not until this May, I think this is the perfect timing. Hopefully. It's almost summer now I'll better get going. Here's a pic of me with my lil' sister. She just loves being ugly. Me? I'm already ugly and not even trying to look like one.

Robortum Ft. Au Revoir Simone - Paganini Rocks (Extended Club Version Vocal)
April 8, 2011

Eric Daman.

The name gives me goosebumps. Not literally. He's now one of my personal favorite stylists. From Sex and The City to the Gossip Girl. As head stylist for Gossip Girl since its pilot, he is the king of lust-worthy fashion. He is one of the best icons of the preppy and glamorous style. Daman combines, like no one does, garments in different colors, patterns and fabrics, not to mention the amazing accessories in the series. Also, not to forget about his book, "I KNOW YOU WANT IT". The book includes style tips and tricks he uses to dress up all the characters in Gossip Girl.

April 4, 2011

Long live the hard flesh.

Photography by Jolijn Snijders, editor in chief of ILOVEFAKE magazine.
Model : Cole Mohr at Request

Bite Me.

Photographer : Jolijn Snijders
Styling : Oliver Arlt
Designer : Katy Eary
Models : Alex Well, Alex Dunstan