April 11, 2011

It's a new start.

I'm sick of being so embarrass almost about everything. It's such a waste of me, having a big personalities but very bad at meeting new people, especially when it comes to creating a conversation. Pick-up lines? Don't ever think about it. My best-friend came last 2 days ago and brought along some of his new friends over. Of course I'm excited but after meeting his new friends, I turned into a whole new person. Yeah specifically, I was silent and yet a dumb ass lacuna motherfucker the whole of my time with them. I was not soignĂ© enough, well not exactly but you get the point. Maybe it's time. I need to fucking improve my communication skills and start a new life. The fact that I'm 18 -not until this May, I think this is the perfect timing. Hopefully. It's almost summer now I'll better get going. Here's a pic of me with my lil' sister. She just loves being ugly. Me? I'm already ugly and not even trying to look like one.

Robortum Ft. Au Revoir Simone - Paganini Rocks (Extended Club Version Vocal)


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